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Yolanda Benitez is a multi award winning London based jewellery designer and maker. At an early age she started making jewellery while working for her family’s jewellery business in Barcelona. She also studied music and created music for several years.Her working methodology tries to fuse these two artistic practices, music and jewellery, by on many occasions writing music as a vehicle to inspire her designs. Despite her music studies and professional music career, Yolanda always felt a special interest in jewellery design as a way of expressing herself and decided to develop her skills by creating jewellery in a similar way as she creates music.She developed a broad experience by working alongside different independent jewellery designers.


“Designing and creating my jewellery is a way to express myself. My ideas come from listening to music and observing my surroundings wherever I am. I look for the intrinsic patterns in nature, I watch people and imagine the style of jewellery I would like to design for them, I listen and write music to dream with forms and landscapes. All this leads me to generate ideas and concepts to create not only a piece of jewellery but also special and unique pieces for my clients.

  My work is entirely made by hand allowing me to keep a close relationship during the making process, adding more character and individuality to each piece. I use a wide variety of goldsmith techniques like reticulation, granulation, wax carving, casting and anything that can help me achieve a beautiful piece of jewellery. Regarding craftsmanship, I aim for perfection but I like my jewellery to look natural. I love working on the finishing of my pieces, working on the surface of the metal to achieve an unique look. My favourite materials are sterling silver and 18 karat gold, in combination with well-chosen gems.”



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